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FASD Training and Workshops

Offering bespoke packages in person and online. For more information and to register an interest,  please click hereAlternatively, please see the training dates below:

The Understanding FASD presentations are suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about FASD.


Service providers and government agencies are provided with the opportunity to learn more about the challenges their clients and families experience and how they can provide FASD-informed services as recommended in the FASD NICE Standards.

During the presentation, you will learn:

• What is FASD

• What alcohol can do to a foetus

• How FASD can happen to any family

• Living with FASD

• Living alongside FASD

• The importance of the correct diagnosis- understanding FASD management/support plans

• Our services- FASD community feedback


A certificate of attendance will be issued, once completed.

Did you know…

There are more children born each year with FASD than with ASD, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) combined. Yet, the condition often remains hidden or misunderstood by the wider population.

Thursday 27th June – 20:00pm – 22:00pm - HERE
Eventbrite recommends Google Chrome or Firefox for the best experience. To book tickets via a mobile phone please download Google Chrome HERE Tickets per participant - £50
(Please note participants are only required to attend one of the sessions)
FASD Awareness charity was established in 2018 to support the FASD community and raise awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). These two aims are met by providing support and friendship groups, activity days, education, training, and information to the FASD community and the wider population.
The Presenters
Andrew Keeping is the CEO of FASD Awareness, he has become an instrumental figure in reshaping the narrative surrounding disabilities, through his FASD training and educational approaches in music. With an intricate understanding of neurodiversity born out of two decades of fostering children, Andrew has worked closely with an array of therapists in merging music and neurodiversity. His work has helped to pave the way for individuals with neurodivergent profiles to achieve new levels of cognitive functioning, social interaction, and personal growth. Andrew hosts the popular FASD Webinar series interviewing many of the leading lights in the world of FASD and gives a vital voice and platform for those with lived experience of FASD.
Tracy Allen founded FASD Awareness after fostering children with disabilities for over twenty years, she specialises in FASD, due to caring long term for children presenting at different ends of the FASD spectrum. Commended for her Charity work, Tracy volunteered for over a decade at Medway Mediation, honing her skills in Advocacy, Anger Management, Mediation and as a Family Group Coordinator. People are her passion, listen to why she believes a person-centred approach towards positive pathways is the key to unlock a person’s potential.

Maggie May is a young adult diagnosed with FASD; she is a passionate Ambassador and Advocate for the charity FASD Awareness, sharing her insights about growing up and living on the FASD spectrum, as a child and now as an adult. As an international speaker, Maggie May shares her FASD insights to help educate the general population, this is not only inspirational, but it also ensures the FASD communities voice is heard. Maggie May serves many organisations, Flying With Broken Wings and she is very proud to be an International Ambassador for the Adult Leadership Committee, ALC of FASD Changemakers.
Listen to her honest and eye-opening insights about living life the FASD way. Offering helpful hints and strategies, that she has found along the way to accepting her own diagnosis.

Feedback from previous attendees:
“It went beyond what I was expecting and brought the Syndrome to life.”

“The presenters were knowledgeable and interesting and their own lived experiences were powerful reminders that we are all trying to learn to do better by the families and young people affected by FASD”

“Excellent. Ran smoothly, good use of videos and guest speakers with lived experience, good flow and kept interest. Lived experience accounts = very powerful - learning from this will stay with me.”

“The use of video and the voice of the young people, young adults with the diagnosis, was especially moving.”
FASD Awareness offer many services to enhance your FASD journey; check out what is available here:

To enquire about our bespoke training, please contact


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