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Kent Dad starts FASD fundraiser

In 2023 I reached my heaviest weighing in at 23 stone, I was in a bad way, feeling sorry for myself and likely destined for an early grave. My cousin found a lot of success with fasting and my brother had started running having been inspired by Goggins. I started fasting, which was the last diet I hadn’t tried and quickly consumed “Can’t hurt me”. The prolonged fast I started with helped to quickly shed a few pounds and I whole heartedly bought into the Goggins mentality. I’ve stuck with the no excuses, no days off mantra and ensured that I’ve moved forward every day, however big or small. At the time of writing I’ve lost almost 6 and a half stone and counting, having managed a complete u-turn.

I felt compelled to run a marathon within a year from when I first started to prove a point to myself. I’m running the Hever Castle Marathon in September. I want to show anyone who will listen that anything is achievable, it’s never too late, stop kidding yourself, stop eating processed food, go out and exercise, do whatever you can but always move forward! You can achieve more than you can imagine in just 12 months if you really set your mind to it. If I can do it, you can!

I really want to help a good cause as well as fulfil my own goals so I will be running the marathon to raise money for FASD awareness, a fantastic charity founded by my mother in law.

FASD Awareness’ vision is to help build brighter futures for the FASD community and educate all, to understand how prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) is caused and can be reduced when parents are fully informed.

FASD Awareness was established in 2018 to support the FASD community and raise awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). These two aims are met by providing support and friendship groups, activity days, education, training, and information to the FASD community and the wider population. 

FASD Awareness’ mission is to be a strong and effective voice for individuals and families living with FASD, while supporting initiatives across the UK, to promote education, diagnosis, intervention, and management.

I appreciate times are hard nowadays and I don’t want anybody to feel obliged, but if you can spare anything at all, the best way to support me in this is endeavour is to help support the charity. I will be very grateful, however big or small.

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