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Welcome to the Neuro Cafe

These monthly sessions are aimed to offer friendships, kindness, support and advice on all things FASD; diagnosis, strategies, EHCP, schools, sleep, medication, sensory, environmental, wellbeing, benefits, holidays, socialising, siblings, self-care, finances, capacity, assessments, relationships, safeguarding and much more. 

Drop into the FASD Neuro cafe between 1pm-3pm each month at Jaspers Community Cafe, Rochester, Kent.


Neuro Cafe 2024 Dates

13 Sept 

11 October 

8 November 

13 December.


We are cake and kettle ready, to welcome you to our group. The act of being listened to is liberating and empowering, so let’s cake collaborate! 



To register for these services, please click HERE.

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