The curriculum is not inclusive

The looks I get when I tell people I home-educate my daughter and the questions! Does she listen to you as you are not her teacher? What about socialising? What subjects do you teach during the six hours?

Why does society think that the school system is the best place for my daughter to learn and evolve? Are we as a society that institutionalised that we just accept that, that’s what our children supposed to do? Go to school? As that’s what everyone does and so we don’t question it?

It does not meet my child’s educational needs or nor does it meet her emotional needs.

Over a year ago my daughter was not reading; she hated books. This hate actually came when she started attending school; the institutional system that professionals bang on about. Have you enrolled your child?

Once with their peers, they will copy and learn. They will learn to socialise and so the list is endless as parents can’t teach their children as society reminds us; a good example of when we all had to home-school during the pandemic. Yet we are the ones that gave them an environment where they had stability, love, and security during their baby years where they learned to attach to us, eat, talk and walk, the most important years of their lives!

Be being thrown into homeschooling, last year taught me that the system, and that’s what it is, is not right for my daughter. The system is a one-box fits all children. The child HAS to fit into otherwise they are felt to feel stupid, inadequate, hate themselves, and start to disbelieve in themselves. This in turn stops their joy for learning, for thriving, stopping them from becoming who they are and celebrating their individuality.

So don’t tell me that school is the best place for MY child. It’s not flexible or adaptable or in tune with the daughter’s needs.

I don’t need a system to say at what age my daughter should be reading or writing, toilet trained, problem-solving, being independent and if she isn’t ticking those boxes, she is below average and it flags up on the system.

I need an environment that will adapt all the time to my daughter’s needs, one where she isn’t benchmarked/ compared against other children, that she chooses what she wants to learn, who she wants to be friends with, and that celebrates her individuality and gives her the life skills she needs. It is not sitting at a table being forced to learn what the system tells she has to learn.

This photo shows what my daughter’s learning and it puts a massive smile on my face to see how much she has evolved, grown, and thrived in just over a year.

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