Maths is Pain

I never liked Maths at school but seeing the progress Layla is now making, makes me love it for different reasons.

It’s been so hard for us to find ways that suit Layla’s learning style for Maths. We (mostly my mum) have tried everything, but I had to admit defeat and let Layla use an app for Maths (and English) called Reading Eggs. It is a fun app but also such a visual way of learning and that’s how Layla learns. That set up the foundation she needed to learn Maths. Though she is not alone on the iPad as we like to know what she is learning, not rushing and seeing where she needs more support from us. This gave her self-confidence and made her like learning Maths.

Layla chooses her own workbooks when we go shopping and each day, she calls one of us to sit and guide her when she needs a little support. She can read now (I love saying that☺️) so we have been made redundant in that respect. Layla can now count in twos (something my mum has been working very hard with her) and you can see in the video how she has learned it from repetition.

We incorporate Maths in everything- when Layla is eating fruit and we say you have eaten two blueberries and now going to eat two more, how many will you have eaten? She will now learn to add in this technique getting confident as she does it. When we go shopping and use the self-scanning system.; Layla will scan items and count how many she has scanned and whether it equals what we have in the trolley. She is learning about quantity this way.

Making the transition to add bigger numbers such as 6+6 was hard as Layla only had ten fingers (too confusing to count on the same hand again) so we decided to use Lego. We put six Lego pieces on the left and six Lego pieces on the right and then told Layla to add them up. This has helped her a lot.

It may have taken 18 months to get here but Layla now has the foundation and by scaffolding, going Layla’s pace, and using her learning style, Layla is flourishing in Maths. She may not be meeting the targets of peers her age but I’m happy that she is not. It’s shown with the right environment, learning style, and not using institutionalised marking, any child can learn if we get into their world❣️

Check out my book: Layla’s Life, My Words which is about ‘invisible disabilities’ and home-educating her:

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