It's okay to have a not okay day

Layla didn’t want to play the usual games and exercises in the park this morning but wanted to be close to me and hold my hand and be carried on my shoulders today; as this morning was not an ok morning.

I love how she is now able to express it to me and so instead we went for a long walk exploring the dinosaur feet and rabbit tree homes instead.

It has taken a long time to get here and I want people to be aware of this as most say to me I’m lucky as their child won’t engage and is resistant. My child was like this too but we went right back to basics, i.e. play so we could support/work on her emotional and mental well-being first and it’s taken me over a year but progress is happening and no she didn’t lose out on her learning as without our mental well-being being ok we can’t thrive.

I have also reflected on myself and I have also learned to change my impatient ways too. Before I would have got into a battle with Layla to make sure she did her exercises as I wanted to keep her lungs well and I didn’t want to confuse her that by saying ok we won’t do exercise today she thinks it would apply tomorrow.

It has to work both ways, a space for trust and safety, and really listen to what our children are communicating to us too.

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