Horse riding and home education

Since moving to Bedfordshire, I am finding so much inclusive activities for Layla and the people are just so friendly and helpful. This is Bedford Disabled Horse Riding Association and my heart just swelled!

I didn’t tell Layla until this morning as I didn’t want her getting hyper and was not sure how she would be once we got there. But she absolutely loved it and its moments like this that I live for ❤️

Seeing my daughter happy, gaining confidence, believing in herself and living in the moment. Home education means no waiting list, no restrictions and learning life skills which I believe is fundamental for Layla in order for her to be semi-independent as an adult.

Here she is learning to listen, follow instructions and be others that are different.

Check out my book: Layla’s Life, My Words which is about ‘invisible disabilities’ and home-educating her.

As Chris Britten, the head of the biggest SEN school in Britain tweeted- If there was ever a book for us all in schools to read it’s this one. A salutary lesson in listening to parents.

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