Eating is progress!

I decided to home-educate, not so Layla can do well in English, Maths, or whatever the curriculum tells her to learn.

I did it for her emotional and mental well-being and learning the life skills she would need if there was a time in her life that we were not there. And today is one of those days, that you want to shout from the rooftops as I’m beaming.

My daughter ate fish today for the first time and all of it! She also used her cutlery independently too! No rigid timetable of when she has to eat! She copies mummy and eats lunch between 10.30-11.30am as those know we are up at 4.15am daily so breakfast is 5.30-6 am.

Yep, it’s a crazy home but a fun one! 😀 Luckily we have Nani who cooks the food early ready for us to eat.

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