Christmas has been very different this year and I’m learning from my daughter.

This year she didn’t write a Christmas list, nor did she tell Santa what present she wanted. Not being at school, means she is not being influenced but doing what she wants to do.

What I have learnt this year, is that she likes the tradition that comes with it; the opening of the advent calendar, seeing Santa, leaving mince pies and carrots out on Christmas Eve, pulling the Christmas crackers, sitting around the table for the Christmas lunch (even if she didn’t eat it) and playing board games.

She has not really cared about the presents she got, they sat there to be honest after she opened them. Just like her birthday, she just loves the traditions associated with it and in fact, it means she has been less over-whelmed and has enjoyed the Christmas break.

She has enjoyed baking, watching movies cooking, dancing and being arty So less is always better and quality family time helps her during the buzz of it all from society.

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