A Wobbly Day

Each day my daughter does the ‘calendar’. She made this herself with me. Why do I do this with her?

Yes, it teaches her the months, numbers, and days as well as read them but I wanted her to be able to read, write and say her date of birth. Something that she would need as a life skill when she is older.

However, it has also become an emotional chart/tool for her. When she does the calendar, she has been up for an hour and when she feels she is going to have a wobbly day she either mixes the symbols up so will put the month in the weather box or the symbols upside down.

This is her telling me that the brain is all mixed up and she may have an ‘upside down’ day because of it. This could be because she is tired, hungry, dis-regulated, or just because her brain is feeling different.

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