It’s the process and by practising it that we make progress, not perfection! Who wants perfection anyway!

Children and adults who have FASD have execution functioning difficulties meaning that Layla has difficulty finishing tasks, has trouble following a sequence of steps and not being able to regulate when things go wrong.

Today Layla wanted to build her own Lego Mickey Mouse set that was given to her on her birthday a few days ago. We said okay but at any time it got difficult she could just call us.

Well after 14 months of doing Lego with mum assisting her, today she managed to do it independently!

Yes, it took her whole day. Yes, it’s not exactly ‘right or perfect’ if you look at the Lego photo but she followed the instructions in the book and when she made a mistake several times, she broke it and redid it. Before she would have had a massive meltdown and given up because she believed she could NOT do it. Today she had a little meltdown but went back to because she believed in herself so persevered.

It’s the process, not the outcome. It’s by practising we make progress not perfection!

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