Let’s NOT talk about drinking in pregnancy as it is VIOLATES a lady’s right!

This week the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a draft report emphasising not drinking in pregnancy as this would prevent FASD. While I was happy that WHO identified FASD happens due to drinking in pregnancy and is helping people make informed choices while pregnant, this soon turned into anger. I saw a newspaper headline which read ‘Women of childbearing age should be BANNED from alcohol, WHO SAYS. This was misconstrued and out of the whole report, this was flagged up. Instead of welcoming not drinking in pregnancy, it turned into a debate about sexism and women’s rights. The message was lost which could have created so much awareness.

Then the segment on BBC Morning Live was appalling as they laughed about the WHO report. This is a slap to everyone who has FASD and has to live with it every single day. The risks of alcohol during pregnancy are not a laughing matter.

I do not agree that women of childbearing age should be banned from alcohol, but I do agree that awareness should be out there for people to know the damaging effect of drinking while pregnant. My daughter has FASD, a 100% preventable disability yet she IS brain damaged. If women have the information, they can make an informed choice. FASD affects my daughter every day and finds this world a difficult place as she navigates. The only way to break down this taboo is to get the message out there that don’t drink in pregnancy, not to judge a person if their child has FASD as we don’t know the ‘circumstances’ in which they were conceived BUT it is our duty as a society to make sure the awareness is out there of what could happen to the foetus if drinking happens in pregnancy. The media play a big part in helping us get THAT AWARENESS out there!

I would never judge Layla’s birth mum as it’s not my place too and nor would I portray her in a negative way to Layla as that’s her birth mum. Layla has to come to terms with how she got FASD and how she feels about her birth mum without being influenced by others’ opinions.

Click here to view the Daily Mail article.

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