Positive Behaviour Support Foundation Course

Medway Council is running a series of 20 fully funded, Positive Behaviour Support training courses between October 2018 and March 2019.

The courses are available to anyone who provides direct support to individuals with challenging behaviours i.e. parents, carers and professionals. These will be held in venues across the Medway area with dates/venues to be confirmed. This one day course may be particularly suitable for parents and carers, and people working in social care, family support, education, early help, youth work, health and voluntary sectors.

What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)? PBS is an evidence based approach to people who may be displaying challenging behaviours. It seeks to understand the reasons for the behaviour so that unmet needs can be met. It’s proactive and preventative, focusing on the teaching of new skills to replace behaviours that challenge.

Course Outline: The one day Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Foundation course provides an overview of, and introduction to, PBS; it covers the core components and principles of PBS and the minimum knowledge that direct contact carers, professionals and parents need in order to implement PBS. It also gives participants an understanding of the underpinning values, theory and processes that are part of the PBS approach. Learning Outcomes: Completion of this course should give participants a basic understanding of the following: • The key elements (values, theory and processes) of PBS

• What is meant by ‘behaviour’ and the phrase ‘challenging behaviour’ or ‘behaviours of concern’

• What are ‘restrictive practices’ and what is meant by the ‘least restrictive approach’ and their links with the Human Rights Act

• The importance of knowing the individual, understanding their needs

• The factors that make people with learning disabilities and ASC vulnerable to showing behaviours of concern, why behaviour occurs and what functions

behaviours serve

• Why team working is important and the different roles of people that are involved with the person’s life and when they would need to seek personal and/or professional support

To register your interest please email mcsc@medway.gov.uk or ring 01634 338 480

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