Diary of a mother: An education journey

I hear and read so many horror stories about education and schools for our kids. It frightens me daily and strikes fear into my heart for our future. FASD kids face so many challenges in the classroom and on the playground – often there’s not enough awareness of their disability for them to be understood.

We are very lucky to be part of a fantastic school. Even before Liam started we had a visit from the Senco and headteacher, they were involved in the team around the child meetings. His class teacher was fantastic when she came to visit. She read every piece of information I gave her, even books and she took it all on board. All his information sits in a special folder, so if his having a bad day or the teacher needs to refresh on some of his behaviours or triggers, she can. Nursery was a horrible experience for us as parents – we had constant negative reports every pick-up and drop-off but school does not do that. His teacher will only approach me if she really needs to or something extreme has happened that could really affect our home life. I dreaded Nursery pick-ups and now I quite happily walk into school to pick him up, with only the other parents judging us and not the staff.

The challenge starts this term, when they begin transition into year one – a new teacher and a new classroom. More learning and less playing; more concentration needed and less exploring – but I know that the school are fully behind us and prepared to support us. Hopefully with an EHCP in hand too!

He loves school and we love that he loves it. Who knows where his education will take him, maybe no where or maybe he’ll reach his current ambition of being a police officer. Perhaps he’ll be able to fulfil primary education at this school or maybe he won’t – but all I will say, as advice, is do your homework on all the schools you can, you will find a school that clicks. A school that will work just as hard as you to fight for your child, their rights and their disability. We are very lucky to have found ours so early on in Liam’s education journey.

A huge thanks to all the staff and support staff helping to shape our little guys future with us!

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