Diary of a mother:

Do you ever feel like you blink and suddenly you’re two months down the line? This happened to us this morning – it was almost like waking in a different universe! I woke-up, checked my phone to see that it said 6:57, I mean what? Woke the husband, “Babe it’s nearly 7!” Jumps-up and runs the shower as he leaves just after 8am for work and likes to help get the kids ready before he leaves. Both our kids (as many of you know, one 5 year-old FASD adopted son and a 1 year-old birth son), slept in past 7am. I mean this has never happened before. At this point I’m literally laying in bed in shock and suddenly I hear my 5 year-old’s door creep open and no footsteps... Until I then hear him sneak

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