Diary of a mother: Time to go tee-total?

I had a morning off from the school run today, I need to see my GP so my husband took Liam to school whilst the baby and I are standing in an hour long queue to get an appointment. I should have come about a month ago but again my needs aren’t priority unfortunately, so I’ve most likely done more damage prolonging the visit. Yet another reminder of self care! It’s so important to look after yourself but it’s so hard when you have to break routine. It’s taken about two weeks to decide I should go and a week or so planning how I can go – i'm just lucky it’s not an emergency, it’s just chaos in our house when that happens. Last week was a rather traumatic one for us as a family, we moved and bu

Diary of a mother: An education journey

I hear and read so many horror stories about education and schools for our kids. It frightens me daily and strikes fear into my heart for our future. FASD kids face so many challenges in the classroom and on the playground – often there’s not enough awareness of their disability for them to be understood. We are very lucky to be part of a fantastic school. Even before Liam started we had a visit from the Senco and headteacher, they were involved in the team around the child meetings. His class teacher was fantastic when she came to visit. She read every piece of information I gave her, even books and she took it all on board. All his information sits in a special folder, so if his having a b

Diary of a mother

In light of it being national maternal mental health day it struck me quite hard that I very rarely talk about my struggles, as a parent of a child with FASD and seeing what day it was prompted me to sit and think. I dropped Liam to school this morning after a truck load of verbal abuse and general 5 year-old attitude, I got to thinking about how I was feeling. My feelings tend to get lost in the moment of what Liam is feeling – if he physically attacked me I have to respond in a kind, caring, yet authoritative manner. Even if I’m in pain I can’t show it or he’ll just walk all over me. If it was an adult hurting me, I’d either tell someone or fight back, but actually what Mum wants to admit

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