Diary: Stigma

Do you know I recently sat in a child development centre waiting room and got asked by one of the secretaries' to keep Liam quiet? Now, bear in mind that they had one activity cube and some blunt pencils and drawn on paper to play with – none of which were of interest him. He had been pulled away from school where he feels safe, taken to one building then to be told to go to another. Sensing the confusion from myself, his behaviour was already anxious but now was escalating. Upon arriving at the new location with barely any toys available and running over an hour late, was it any surprise that he was acting up? I kindly asked the woman (in my happiest tone so Liam didn’t pick up on my anger)

Egg hunting at Leeds Castle!

Looking back at last week and the amazing Easter egg hunt we had at Leeds Castle! Thank you again for all coming along. Please look out for our next support group on the 1st of May back to normal at ISP Rainham. Keep checking our Support Group page for other events.

In the life of Rosie

Everybody looks at me and thinks I am just the average teenage girl who is excepting society. A girl who is taking each day as it goes by, a girl who is waking up everyday going to college like any other girl of my age. But what people don't see is the difficulties and the thoughts I think about and i face everyday from the minute I wake up, to the minute I am laying back in my bed falling asleep. From the moment my eyes at 5 o'clock in the morning to get up and get ready for college i feel I am going one hundred miles per hour, I feel like I am easing against the world and I am constantly running around thinking I have to do everything fast even though I have enough time and even when

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Our thanks go to The Kent Reliance Provident Society Fund and The Hurst-Brown Family Fund for their generous support, both kindly administered by Kent Community Foundation. 

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