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Please could you take two minutes to complete our survey. This is quite an urgent request, as all surveys need to be completed no later than THIS SUNDAY (March 25th). Your help is much appreciated and the information gathered will help improve FASD awareness and services. FASD Awareness South East is conducting a survey to identify levels of FASD understanding and support, within the UK healthcare system.Evidence is needed to back a proposal for a FASD pathway, please if you could fill in this survey it would be a great help. This survey should take less than two minutes to complete. Thank you. Click here to participate in our short survey.

How it all began

As soon as my husband and I met we knew we wanted to be parents, one way or another. We chose not to go down the medical route after years of trying naturally and what felt like hundreds of tests. We decided to adopt. We attended workshops, as well as meet and greets before deciding which agency to adopt with. The initial visit from a social worker was daunting, we were worried about everything; Was the house tidy enough? Did we look good on paper? Were our finances in order? Would our family support us? Then the first question from the social worker almost shocked us. “What sort of child do you want?” I think we both sat in silence for a while. I mean, we’d never really taken the time to th

Our Journey

So, first off, congratulations on finding the time to read this snip-it of our life, and an even bigger congratulations to myself for finding the time to actually write it! Anyone who has FASD in their life in any shape or form knows how hard finding time can be. Liam our adopted son, came to live with us in May 2015. We spent 6 days with him, loaded up the car and set off for home. We entered a fantastic and wonderful two-week honeymoon period, then my husband returned to work and we finally started to see the layers of FASD unravel right before us. He had clearly been in fight or flight mode for almost three weeks, and boy did it hit me! Mentally and physically, being the ‘main’ parent (an

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Our thanks go to The Kent Reliance Provident Society Fund and The Hurst-Brown Family Fund for their generous support, both kindly administered by Kent Community Foundation. 

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