Andrew Keeping

ARAM (Hons.) FISM LRAM Prof. Cert (Hons.) RAM

Andrew’s reputation as one of the country’s leading guitarists, teachers and pioneers of the instrument has led him to all corners of the planet, working with some of the finest musicians, composers, musicologists and institutions. He is a much sought after performer, speaker and lecturer and is a regular favourite of the British Royal Family.
In 2015 Andrew set up his own recording company, KeepingMusic, working as a producer and composer of music for soundtracks and artists’ albums.
Since he and his wife became foster carers in 2004, Andrew has further developed his versatility and aptitude in working with children, including those that have learning disabilities, emotional, behavioural and communication difficulties. Andrew uses Music Technology in therapeutic work, and finds music has played an invaluable role in providing a positive and life affirming experience to all who cross his path.
To find out more about Andrew, please visit www.keepingguitar.co.uk and  www.keepingmusic.co.uk.